First Days of School in Merida

My first two days of school were awesome. I am the only one at my level, so that means I get one-on-one time with TWO teachers every morning– one for conversation, and one for grammar. Elisa is my conversation teacher; she’s a 21 year old getting her degree to teach English, and I swear she knows my own language better than I do. Abram is my grammar teacher, and he is a self-described grammar nerd in both languages. What I cover in grammar with him, she will cover in conversation with me. The school building is adorable; colorful, bright and clean. The classrooms are small, and it wouldn’t be Mexico if the walls weren’t painted turquoise. Check it out:

2014-02-11 10.56.37I gotta say, having a language barrier between yourself and those with whom you wish to communicate brings a whole new meaning to “lonely in a room full of people”. But I’m not truly lonely. Tere is wonderful; I’m greeted every morning with a hug and kisses and sent to bed every night with the same. I feel myself getting frustrated at times because I can’t communicate, but everyone around me is making it very easy, and helping me every way they can. Maria Jose, Tere’s daughter, has been very helpful because she CAN speak English, but only will when she needs to help me understand something. I’ve only been here a few days, but I can already sense all the Spanish I learned in high school and college flooding back. I’ve got homework to do, books and magazines in Spanish to read, and Spanish-dubbed episodes of Law and Order: SVU (La Ley y El Orden: Unidad de Victimos Especiales) which I can watch on TV.

At this point, I’m way better at understanding someone when they speak, than I am at speaking myself. I think my ears flow to my brain fairly easy, but there is a block of flow between my brain and my mouth. Different mental processes are involved with each, but with more practice and immersion, I’ll be able to crack it. I’m better now than when I first arrived; I can only imagine what a couple of weeks might bring, if I fully dedicate myself.

One response to “First Days of School in Merida

  1. Get it girl! Nice post. Think of how cool it’ll be when the words start flowing off your tongue 🙂

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