Playa Playa Playa

IMG_20140303_093513Annabelle lived in Playa del Carmen for a few months last year; she and I were the only ones who had been there before so we were SO excited in the week leading up to our trip. She kept singing “playa playa playa”, and by the time we got there we all were too.

Playa is indescribable. It is SO much fun, and so beautiful. It makes Progreso seem like Galveston (yuck). The water is super blue, the beaches clean, and the main drag of fifth avenue is a blast. We stayed at Hotel Colibri, right on the beach and  a block away from all the night clubs on 12th street. I’d never seen Playa so busy, both with foreign tourists as well as Mexican families on vacation for Carnival weekend. Things are definitely more expensive here (unless you head into the town a bit) and lots of prices are listed in American dollars instead of pesos, causing a few problems for the Australians here and there. Everybody speaks English, but I still used my Spanish wherever possible.

I got back to Merida yesterday and came down with a virus! Tere took me to the doctor this morning, and I was absolutely stunned: it only costs 35 pesos to see a doctor! That’s about THREE DOLLARS. And afterward I got all the medicines I needed for under $15. I have a headache and sore throat, but I’m resting up today and am going back to class tomorrow no matter what. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday- I wonder if I’ll see a lot of catholics with the crosses on their foreheads? If I saw that in America I should definitely see it here. I can’t wait.

2 responses to “Playa Playa Playa

  1. Playa was so much fun, lucky you got to go right back. Good times 🙂

  2. Yah, Playa playa playa

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