Book Review: These Broken Stars

Before diving into my review of this wonderful book, I’d like to also review the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. I. LOVE. IT. That’s really all that needs to be said, but I can boil it down to a few simple yet hugely important reasons. It’s easier and more comfortable to read than a book (try laying on your side with a copy of Game of Thrones!), Kindle editions of books are cheaper and don’t waste paper, and lastly, it frees up shelf space for those tomes worth having a physical copy of! I am already glued to my Kindle. Bury me with it.

TBS-CoverI just recently finished my second reading of the Game of Thrones series. I caught way more details the second time around, so it was worth the few thousand pages. As much as I could bury myself in Westeros, I wanted a change of pace so I downloaded the YA novel “These Broken Stars”. It’s a sci-fi, which I love, but it’s also a romance so I went in highly dubious (what with the unfortunate foray I once made into the Twilight trilogy). The reviews were great though, so I read the book– and they were right. These Broken Stars is in a whole other league than twilight. It has a plot, for one, and the characters have depth. The leading lady is neither helpless nor defined by her boyfriend; the romance feels real and even made my heart flutter a little bit. But the REAL magic was in the story. It’s basically two kids that survive a spaceship crash and are stranded on an alien planet. There’s an evil intergalactic terraforming corporation, disembodied alien life forms, and psychedelic, poetic looks into life, death, and consciousness. Major win. And it’s so well written, and didn’t muddy the science part by over-explaining stuff. The story moved in every sentence, entertaining from beginning to end. It’s a bit reminiscent of Michael Chriton’s Sphere (the first scifi i fell in love with as a kid) but, tossed in with a bit of Carl Sagan’s wonder and Philip K Dick’s pessimistic commercial-futurism (I just made that term up, but if you’ve read Dick you get what I’m saying.)

A sequel comes out in December, which I’ve already pre-ordered. I know I’ll want to reread this again before that. If you like YA romance, science fiction, or just a really good story, I highly recommend These Broken Stars.

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