That question everyone asks.

I’m getting pretty tired of hearing, “Why are you traveling alone?” So here’s a few answers.

1. Why not?
2. I am introverted and rather enjoy my own company, is that a bad thing? (Answer: no)
3. It was either travel alone or don’t travel. Nobody wanted to do (all of) this with me, which is fine, but I’m not about to let the absence of travel companions stop ME from seeing the world…
4. I don’t have to have the “what do you want to do for dinner?” conversation with anyone but myself. This conversation is not fun at home, it’s EXTRA not-fun on a vacation.
5. Why not?!
6. I have more opportunities to get to know other travelers, which is half the fun of traveling.
7. Why not?
8. I can go wherever the wind takes me.
9. Why not?
10. And most importantly, why the heck not? If you can give me one good solid reason why I shouldn’t travel alone, I would really love to hear it (and “it isn’t safe!” is not a valid reason- there is next to NO violent crime in Vietnam, unlike in America where I could get shot in the head for being in the wrong movie theater at the wrong time). Unless you can think of a valid reason, maybe just trust that I know what’s best for myself, and I wouldnt be doing this if it made me sad or lonely or risked my safety in any way.

I’d like to think I won’t have to feild this question again, but I know I will from almost every other westerner I meet. I’m going to just start answering with “I’m not alone, I’ve got the voices in my head!” To scare them off.
Plus, I won’t be alone for much longer! My dad is landing in China as we speak, and he’s going to meet up with me in Nha Trang in a few days, which I am very excited about. He’s always wanted to see Vietnam and would most likely never have done this without me, and I’m excited to see his reaction to everything. Plus, Larry isn’t the kind of man who has ever let something as trivial as a “language barrier” impede on his good humor and sociability. This is going to be fun!


The Japanese covered bridge in Hoi An


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