El Museo Del Mundo Maya

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Today was amazing. I learned a lot of cool stuff about the Mexican president from my teachers. Congratulations, Mexico, you have your very own George Bush now! I should be careful, because it is illegal here for foreigners to participate in any political protests– but I highly doubt this counts, even if they were to read it. The President’s name is Enrique Pena Nieto, and the locals absolutely hate him. He campaigned against an intellectual, stole the election, and put all his friends in power– sound familiar? He then sold international rights to Mexico’s national energy reserves for the first time in 80 years, making gasoline here now more expensive than in America. The Mexican youth protested for a good six months after his election, and his government responded with imprisonment and threats. Recently Time Magazine ran a cover story on him under the headline “Saving Mexico”, and the people here are furious with us for it. When asked to name three books that influenced him, he first named the Bible (!), and then after floundering a bit came up with another title but couldn’t “recall” the author. His first wife died in a mysterious “accident” which, when pressed for details, he is vague and changes the subject (he’s now married to a very racy Telenovela star.) Just like Mitt Romney doesn’t know the cost of a gallon of milk, Enrique doesn’t know how much tortillas cost at the store. When he was asked, he said “that’s his wife’s job”– DISGUSTING! He’s young, dumb, and his attempts to speak English are almost as funny as George W’s. Please, please, PLEASE– watch this video on YouTube NOW!


After class I came home to eat, and then hopped in a cab to meet a fellow Texan, John, at El Museo Del Mundo Maya (The Museum of the Mayan World). The building is a stunning work of modern architecture, the exhibits covered everything from the history of the Yucatan, to science, to the Mayan way of life today. Fun fact: the Mayan’s didn’t “just disappear”, as many people say. In fact, many rural Yucatecans don’t even speak Spanish. The Mayan language and culture not only didn’t vanish, but remain thriving today.

IMG_20140219_220227 IMG_20140219_220647 IMG_20140219_220539

Fun times!

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