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Katie & Duchess – A Self Portrait of Love :-)

kt duchess

Recuerdos :-)

Memories of Mexico. A few little drawings I made recently.


My Left And Right Brain Found Some Harmony Today

right leftIts been ages since I’ve spent quality time in Book People— and damn do I love that place. Any book store can suck me in for a few blissful hours, but Book People is by far my favorite. I only bought two items, and on the way out it struck me how opposing they were. For my left brain I snagged my favorite planner– the simple “August to August” weekly calendar that my mom and I have been devotees of for years (and is only sold at Book People and The Container Store). The second book was a gift to my so-called “right” brain: a coloring book of 100 bold, beautiful, psychedelic mandala patterns. They’re so relaxing when you really engage in coloring one. The book’s intro had an interesting perspective on whether one begins to color on the inside or the outside. Working toward the center is an exploration of one’s inner self, while working outward is a reflection on one’s connection with the outer universe. Super cool. Either way, they look kick-ass when they’re finished. 

Chick Sitting 101

Baby Chicks Crop

     Baby chickens are beyond adorable and grow so stinkin’ fast. I could sit and play with them all day long, and even then they practically age before my eyes. I’m enjoying my second flock even more than the first: I know what I’m doing this time and everything is much easier. The last thing I was expecting was to have to leave them to go out of town for a few days– but here I am facing just that. Luckily my best friend (and former housemate) Melissa agreed to hold down the fort and manage both flocks for me while I’m gone. Her boyfriend normally tends to my older flock for me when I’m away, keeping the daily eggs in exchange. Taking care of the baby chickees is a bit more involved (but way more adorable) than tending to the five adult birds, so I needed to make Melissa some good instructions.

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My Tallest Friend & My Shortest Friend


I found this picture of my boyfriend Steve walking my dog so adorable, I just had to draw it. He insisted on the full-body shot, and rightly so: the juxtaposition of their heights (6’4 and ~6”) is outlandishly cute.

Here’s the drawing. I’m going to just leave it black and white for now:

Tall Short Friend BW